Palladium Podcast 1: Davos, Geoengineering, and Post-Liberalism

Eberhard Grossgasteiger/Swiss flag on mountains

Welcome to the first episode of the Palladium Podcast, where we explore the future of governance and society. This week, Jonah Bennett, Ash Milton, and Wolf Tivy review the magazine’s opening article, discuss Jonah’s adventures in Davos, and expand on the recent piece about geoengineering.



Towards the Post-Liberal Synthesis by Jonah Bennett. The liberal order is being challenged both within and abroad. Palladium is exploring the world which comes after it.

Ancient Upheavals Show How to Geoengineer a Stable Climate by Patrick Mellor. The current ice age is a geologically rare event, threatened by human activity. Emissions reduction wonโ€™t be enough to resolve climate change. Instead, we must learn from the ancient past to stabilize and geoengineer our environment.

A Trip Behind the Spectacle at Davos by Jonah Bennett. The global image of Davos is as a network of elite interests, social agendas, and competing ambitions. Those who make the trip are confronted by a gathering full of uninspired strivers.