Palladium Podcast 3: Miguel Morel on Venezuela

Kobby Mendez/Bogota, Colombia

Welcome to the third episode of the Palladium Podcast, where we explore the future of governance and society. This week, Jonah Bennett, Ash Milton, Wolf Tivy, and Miguel Morel discuss Miguel’s on-the-ground Venezuela article and the Palladium team’s experiences in Caracas, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires. The panel also delves into Luka Jukic’s piece on the post-Soviet sphere and Sonya Mann’s piece on cypherpunk culture and gun printing.



Report from Venezuela: An Inside Look at a Country in Free Fall by Miguel Morel. Venezuela, plagued by an incompetent and corrupt ruling class, doesn’t have what it takes to be a socialist state. The Palladium team visited Venezuela and Colombia for an up-close look at a country in free fall and harrowing stories from refugees who have fled.

How Russia Keeps Post-Soviet States in Its Orbit by Luka Jukic. After the Soviet collapse, several countries in the bloc ended up under Western influence. Russia has developed an economic and military toolkit to consolidate its position. However, these same tactics have caused key allies to seek alternative ties in order to balance power in the post-Soviet sphere.

The Internet Won’t Kill Gun Control by Itself by Sonya Mann. Cypherpunks and gun advocates are trying to make gun control impossible by using one part of the state against itself.