Palladium Podcast 4: Romantic Adventurism at the End of History

Ahmad Jawed/Hiking in Kabul, Afghanistan

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Palladium Podcast, where we explore the future of governance and society. This week, Jonah Bennett, Ash Milton, and Wolf Tivy discuss the role of romantic adventurism at the end of history and also Daniel Weissman’s fantastic piece on post-globalization Istanbul.



Bernard-Henri Lévy Is the Comic Romance of Liberal Technocracy by Ben Sixsmith. Bernard-Henri Lévy has spent his life creating a brand of intellectualism and adventure. This contrasts with the liberal fear of personalist politics in favor of regulated institutions. Lévy’s comfortable position in the establishment depends on his role as a safety valve for the romantic storytelling which drives politics.

After the End: Life in Post-Globalization Istanbul by Daniel Weissman. Over the last decade, Turkey has decisively pulled out of the Western order, which has come at significant financial cost. Palladium explored Istanbul to see what life looks like in the post-globalization era.