Palladium Podcast 75: Erik Hoel on Aristocratic Tutoring

Erik Hoel joins Ash Milton to discuss the current state of education, how it succeeded aristocratic tutoring, and what it means for progress. Up until the creation of mass schooling in the nineteenth century, tutelage was the most common form of education. Only aristocrats were able to afford this, and with the disappearance of aristocratic society so too did tutoring fall out of practice.

But its advantages are what enabled great works of genius to emerge over the past three hundred years. Scientists like Bertrand Russell, William James, and Ludwig Wittgenstein were all given individual instruction at a young age, which was a key part of their success. Erik and Ash discuss the history of the practice and if there is a viable future for it.ย 

Erik Hoel is a research assistant professor at Tufts University. He recently published his debut novel, and his other writing can be found at his Substack.