PALLADIUM 05: Centralizing Society

Palladium 05 Matt Ellison/Louvre pyramid at the Court of Honor in San Francisco, California

We live in a centralizing society. Our words, actions, wealth, and thoughts are organized by power. It’s time to understand how we can govern it. PALLADIUM 05: Centralizing Society is out now. Become a member today to receive your copy of the new print edition. Print editions are exclusively for our members and are not for sale.

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We find ourselves in a centralizing society that we can only imagine as a dystopia. With newfound material and logistical power, we canโ€™t even remember what it was all for. Our ideologies have become reactive in response. Each new agenda begins with the promise of breaking this trend: the Internet, the market, charter cities, or revolutionary reform.

One by one, they all get folded back into the pull of centralization. This contradiction between centralizing reality and decentralizing ideology demands fresh examination. How can we make the centralizing society a force for humanity and civilization?

PALLADIUM 05 is the latest edition of our quarterly print magazine, rendered with beautiful custom art on the finest materials. It assembles an anthology of our key observations on the Centralizing Society and the challenges to governing it. PALLADIUM 05 is available now and arriving on the doorsteps of members around the world.

Our print editions are luxurious icons optimized for focused thought on the most important and overlooked topics in future governance. Display it on your coffee table or your bookshelf. This is an item for your long-term collection.

We offer PALLADIUM 05 exclusively for our members; it is not for sale and never will be. Become a member now to receive PALLADIUM 05 and support our work.