PALLADIUM 06: Imperial Frontiers

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 The Empire of the Golden Triangle by Dylan Levi King. Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle is the home of criminal militias and corrupt politicians. With quiet Chinese support, one man has made it his empire. 

What Happened in Kazakhstan’s January Rebellion? by Fin Depencier. Kazakhstan’s leaders blamed foreign infiltration for its violent January protests. In the city of Almaty, I learned that the real answers lie within the state itself. 

The School That Built Asia by Ernest Lueng. The Japanese Empire founded Kenkoku University to create new pan-Asian elites. Despite their own defeat, they succeeded. 

Armenia Is an Orphaned Client State by Fin Depencier. A journey through Armenia reveals a country on Russian life support. With Azerbaijan and Turkey in ascendency, the country’s lack of allies is its most existential threat. 

The Forgotten UN Intervention to Build Democracy in Cambodia by Tanner Greer. In the early 1990s, the UN intervened in Cambodia in a show of liberal democratic state-building. Its failures foreshadowed the hubris which would follow the liberal world order from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan. 

Why China Will Decide the Future of the Steppe by Luka Jukic. The Great Steppe of Eurasia has variously been a bridge and battleground between civilizations. But one thing is now certain: it will be China that will shape the Steppe’s future and the future of those living along its vast plain. 

Report from Venezuela: An Inside Look at a Country in Free Fall by Miguel Morel. Venezuela, plagued by an incompetent and corrupt ruling class, doesn’t have what it takes to be a socialist state. The Palladium team visited Venezuela and Colombia for an up-close look at a country in free fall and harrowing stories from refugees who have fled. 

Authoritarian Development Has Rebuilt Kazakhstan into a Eurasian Power by Luka Jukic. Kazakhstan emerged from the Soviet Union as a poor country under Russian domination. Today, its new capital rises from the steppe and its living standards are improving. Behind this lie both a Eurasianist politics and an authoritarian development model.