PALLADIUM 07: Garden Planet

PALLADIUM 07. Garden Planet. Brian Ziff & Isabelle Boemeke for Palladium Magazine/Los Angeles, California

The boundary between the human world and the natural world has collapsed. PALLADIUM 07: Garden Planet, our fall 2022 print edition, is available now to all Palladium members.

This Palladium print edition is a luxurious exploration of the future of our planet with beautiful custom art, exclusive interviews with Isabelle Boemeke and Stewart Brand, our best articles on the biggest environmental questions, and a visionary photoshoot by Brian Ziff.

Every year the effects of human activity on the environment grow more apparent: heat waves, melting ice, invasive species, extinctions, fires, deforestation, and destabilization of a climate finely balanced for human civilization. 

Although we try to step lighter, the scale of our ecological adaptations likewise must intensify. If our adaptations remain short-sighted and reactive then we will only seal our environmental fate. The ecological crisis already at hand will mean that societies must struggle to adapt to even what has already happened. Some societies will benefit as their lands grow warmer and ices melt while others will fall in the face of natural disasters and social upheaval.

But the unique contribution of man to nature is a far-sighted consciousness that reorganizes the world towards higher meaning and deeper resilience. Our environmental destiny doesn’t have to be frustration and opposition; it can be a beautiful synthesis of the conscious and the natural. 

It is in our power to expand the forests, to build cities in harmony with the land, to stabilize the climate, and to power advanced civilizations. If we can turn our will to a clear view of the world we are creating, we will cultivate a flourishing garden planet.

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The Future History of the Nuclear Renaissance With Isabelle Boemeke. The year is 2053. A nuclear renaissance has transformed society. Here is how it all happened. Featuring a visionary photoshoot with Brian Ziff.

The Rise of the Garden Empires by Wolf Tivy. Mankind’s environmental destiny is to build garden empires, synthesizing ecology and industry together into a new order of life.

Greening the Heavens by Thomas Moynihan. As poverty and war cast doubt on the whole industrial revolution, Russian cosmists and other futurists dreamed of a universe imbued with intelligence. 

Climate Change Is Inevitable by Jesse Velay-Vitow. Globally coordinating the mainstream solutions for climate change is impossible. Instead, advanced civilizations of the future will have to adapt to it.

Environmentalism in One Country by Dylan Levi King. As Kim Il-sung established North Korea, he created its nationalist environmentalism using traditional Korean mythology. It’s a strategy others will also have to follow.

California’s Vestal Flame by Galen Peterson. The consequences of fire suppression in California have challenged man’s relationship to the land. The answer lies in integrating our way of life with its natural forces.

The Modern Diet Is a Biosecurity Threat By David Oks. From obesity and microbiome decline to autoimmune disorders, the modern diet has become a threat to industrial society’s biological basis: the human species. 

Ancient Upheavals Show How to Geoengineer a Stable Climate by Patrick Mellor. Humans are the latest natural force to shape the earth, but this power needs to become conscious and self-regulating for the species to survive it.

Life Goes On” With Stewart Brand by Matt Ellison and Wolf Tivy. Reflecting on over fifty years of environmental advocacy, a sober, scientific perspective warns against fear and apocalypticism. There’s work to be done.

Photo Credits: Photographer: Brian Ziff | Model: Isabelle Boemeke | Art Direction: Asimov Collective | Producer: Matt Ellison | Stylist: Star Burleigh | Makeup: Carolina Ballesteros | Hair: Preston Wada | Manicurist: Sojin Oh | Set and Prop Design: Rian Calhoun | 3D: Ethan Chancer | Photo Assistant: Danner Gardner | Studio: Flat Factory Studio, Los Angeles | Special thanks: Samo Burja, Gabriel & Brittany Hugoboom