The Smallest Living Things, A Short Film

The health of the smallest living things is necessary for the survival of all life on Earth. This short film, directed by Charles Abelmann, tells the story of one self-made farmer’s quest to care for microbiomes—and call out the abuse of antibiotic overuse in livestock and people. Learn more at the Smallest Living Things website.

Are Farm Antibiotics Destroying Our Health?” by David Oks, Palladium Magazine, December 13, 2022.


Director: Charles Abelmann
Producers: SB Lewis, Palladium Magazine, Matthew Ellison, Charles Abelmann, Winter Beach Productions
Camera: Andy Resek, Burke Heffner
Editor: Ellen Castleberry
Archival Research: Jordan Lewis
COVID-19 Safety: Beth Schiller, APRN
Special Thanks: Lewis Family Foundation, Barbara Lewis, Jordan Lewis, Ben Kolak, Elise Trucks

Charles Abelmann is an educator and executive coach. He also directs and produces documentaries and is a member of New Day Films, where his recent documentary English Hustle will soon be released.