Palladium Podcast 82: Jesse Velay-Vitow on the Geopolitics of Climate Change

Willian Justen de Vasconcellos/Path to the Torrevieja Lighthouse

Jesse Velay-Vitow joins Ash Milton to discuss how recent geopolitical realignments, energy crises, and migration patterns will shape the rest of the twenty-first century.

Recent energy crises in Europe have helped to put nuclear energy back on a strong footing. But does that mean that powers like Iran will be able to build them? How will industrializing nations vulnerable to climate change like India balance economic growth with ecological stability? What will mass “climate migration” look like, and what will be the political structures needed to address it? These are all questions that Jesse and Ash take on in this episode.

Jesse Velay-Vitow is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto Department of Physics, researching paleoclimate and ice-ocean interactions. He tweets @JesseVelay, and his article “Climate Change Is Inevitable” is available in print in PALLADIUM 07: Garden Planet. Palladium members receive our quarterly print edition and invitations to exclusive events.